About Us

What We Do

Logic Partners provides unique experience and guidance to invest in a profitable property portfolio. We offer a personalized and holistic service that can be trusted, motivated by a desire to enable every day Australians to retire on their own terms.

Whether you are a first time investor or looking to grow your property portfolio, we are prepared and excited to guide you every step of the way.

What Makes Us Different?

The Logic tick of Approval

All our properties meet our strict requirements for investing

  • Location – We scope out the best locations for investing to achieve a high rate of capital growth over the long term.
  • Price Range/ Budget – We work with your budget and assist with loan pre-approval along with the best interest rates and financial products.
  • Amenities – To ensure your tenant remains satisfied with the location, we only approve properties that are convenient and close to adequate amenities.
  • New or Established? – We make it our priority to understand what the right investment for you is and which will reap you the most benefits.

I purchased my first investment property at 22 years old.

Creator and founder of Logic Partners, Sam Ponte, has been in the property game for over a decade. With a financial advisor background,
no one is more equipped to manage your portfolio. Some of his achievements include:

  • Founded Logic Financial Advisors 10 years ago at age 24
  • Managed over $140,000,000 of funds
  • Managed over $3,000,000 of premium per annum
  • Recently sold the successful business to focus on real-estate full time
    and give clients 100% attention in this area only.

I have grown up in a family that is passionate for real estate investment and began learning about it from my parents at a young age of about 15 YO.

My Purpose

"To help others live life on their own terms"

I want to help as many Australians as I possibly can. You don’t have to retire at the age our government tells us (age 67). I have always believed we should control our own destiny and have a plan that is flexible enough to move with life but keep the goal at hand in focus.

I believe your retirement years should be your best years and I am passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals in their ’50s rather than late ’60s.

I have relatives that have worked hard their whole lives but found that once they had to rely on the good old age pension, it was barely enough to keep their household going. People often enjoy their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s but once they stop working they don’t have enough money to do anything enjoyable at all. This is something that has always bothered me because I know there’s another way! If only they had assistance from somebody to invest and have a plan in place they would be living just as good if not better than when they were on salaries.”

What problems does logic help with?

We help the household that doesn’t know how to start a portfolio.

The household that has 1 investment property and is unsure of how to grow from here

The household that holds 3 investment and does not know how to get to 4 and 5

More than one-third of Australian pensioners are living below the poverty line, making the country among the worst performers in the world for the financial security of older people.

Why we do what we do.

Home owndership concerns

The share of 25-34 year olds who own their home has fallen from more than 60 per cent in 1981 to 45 per cent in 2016. Renters are more than twice as likely as homeowners to suffer financial stress in thier retirement years.

80% of us won't be retiring comfortably

Gen X Aussies will have to save up a staggering amount to enjoy their golden years, according to new research.

36% of Australian pentioners

are living below the poverty line. Making this country among the worst performers in the world for the financial security of older people.

It's not always easy

According to SuperGuide, a couple expect to enjoy a “comfortable” life in retirement today if they can generate an annual income of $59,971 by retiring with a superannuation lump sum of at least $615,000.

Our Specialist Divisions

We are aligned as a FULL circle consultancy with aligned Financial planner, builder, lawyer and accountant, and mortgage specialist. We offer a full holistic service to ensure we leave no stone unturned as your financial and families future should be priority. We know that people with a plan and a coach achieve their goals more often than not and so we will guide you through your wealth accumulation process from beginning to end.


Your property strategist will work with you to uncover and identify your financial and life objectives. What’s important to you and what your values are.


Your property strategist will create a strategy that will set you up to achieve your financial objectives. We work with loan professionals and financial planners to put together a property recommendation.


Once you are happy with the clear plan ahead, its time to make your money work for you. You have the opportunity to secure an investment property that has been expertly tailored to meet your needs.

Tailored Wealth Accumulation Plan

We create a wealth accumulation plan tailored to your core goals and values and continue to work on this plan with you to ensure it achieves your goals. Along the way your plan will need reviewing, altering and managing, the plan needs to be flexible with lifes
unforeseen events and so we act as your personal/life coaches to keep this plan in place long term.