Property Selection

Logic's systematic approach to property selection.

At Logic Partners we have an investment philosophy that has been carefully crafted. Through understanding the science of property investment, we, over several years have developed the formula that has provided our clients with the right return every time. With any investment, it needs to be aligned to specific goals.

Depending on your unique goals, we will match the right property to you.
Our clients lack the time and expertise and experience into where to invest so we have done all the leg work for them.

Having an investment property portfolio exposed to different suburbs and demographics gives greater diversification and balance to one’s portfolio to ensure all different types of opportunities are picked up/obtained to add value to the end result ” capital balance.”


I want to retire in 12 years and need $1.2M in capital to live off. In this example, the strategy would be around a growth-orientated property portfolio as the main goal here is to create as much capital as quickly as possible. ” I want to invest in properties so I can live off the rent” In this example, the strategy and or selection would be around properties and areas which provide the highest rental income.

Logic Tick Of Approval

All our properties meet our strict requirements for investing


We scope out the best locations for investing to achieve a high Location rate of capital growth over the long term.

Price Range/Budget

We work with your budget and assist with loan pre-approval along with the best interest rates and financial products.


To ensure your tenant remains satisfied with the location, we only approve properties that are convenient and close to adequate amenities.

New Or Established

We make it our priority to understand what the right investment for you is and which will reap you the most benefits.

We work with different land developers and some exclusive to us

So we are able to offer land exclusively to our clients getting in EARLY to a specific area before it becomes popular this is the key to rapid growth and equity. We work with a number of builders to ensure high-quality finishes at competitive rates to make sure we are ahead of the market and our client’s properties stand out from the rest in their street.

After all this is a long term strategy and, most of our clients will sell their properties to then live off the capital at some stage so we want to make sure when they do sell that the property they bought 10-15 years ago is still well built and has not aged which will ensure a good sale price.