Property Management

Property Management Melbourne – Logic Partners

Once your property has been purchased, you must make the decision as to whether you want to self-manage or outsource it to an expert property manager. If you do choose to pay for property management, your manager will be in charge of managing every aspect of the property in question. Logic Partners provides some amazing property management options, as well as self-management advice for those who decide to go it alone.

Asset management –

Often overlooked by many investors and property managers alike, asset management should be a vital part of your investment process. The managers associated with Logic Partners are educated in managing your asset, proving recommendations on improvements leading up to a sale and increasing rental yield.

The main roles fulfilled by a property manager –

There are a number of key roles that a property manager fills with regards to your investment. Our property management services all include:

  • Dealing with tenants on a day-to-day basis
  • Communicating with you when needed
  • Overseeing maintenance and repairs
  • Keeping to a set budget
  • Carrying out checks on the property
  • Managing rent
  • Answer any questions you may have

Why you may choose to outsource your property management –

There are a number of different reasons behind client decisions to invest in property management companies rather than taking on the position themselves:

  • Time – Some people do not have the time to commit to managing a property
  • Multiple properties – If you have a large portfolio then you may not physically be able to act as a manager for every single one.
  • Hours – Property managers often have to work flexible hours to ensure they are on hand to aid with any potential problems. If you have a full-time job then the likelihood is that you will be unavailable for large portions of the day.
  • Location – Some people choose to invest in properties that are located far from their own place of residence, making it near impossible to act as a property manager.
  • Expertise – Simply put, hiring a property manager who has worked in that position for years gives you more expertise than filling the position yourself.