Who Can You Trust?

Who Can You Trust?

Who Can You Trust?

Have you been dreaming about an early retirement and want to know what it takes? When it comes to creating an early and comfortable retirement for your future, property is still regarded as one of the safest long-term investments. While over the past few years we have seen an ebb and flow in the property market, it always comes out on top and creates a steady income stream for many investors and property owners alike. 

If you’re someone who has been thinking about investing in property and are new to it, you probably are feeling a little overwhelmed and don’t know exactly where to start. Many new investors often like to discuss the topic with their family and friends, but unless they are financial experts or property investment advisors, their opinions should not be mistaken for advice. The last thing you want to do is take a friend or relative’s advice and make the wrong decision about where to invest your hard-earned money and have to avoid them at the next family BBQ!

Many people who are interested in property investing and don’t have all the information at hand have asked us the question – who can I trust when it comes to reliable advice for property investing?

When you begin your investment journey, it is important to set yourself a goal of where you want it to go. You need to remember not to be distracted by influences from certain friends, family or things you see online.

Whether you’re new to the property investment space or a seasoned investor yourself, everyone can do with some good ole’ fashioned advice and direction. While many professionals within the real estate sphere have given you advice, there are specific and qualified individuals who are there purely to be your property coach

What you pay for an investment matters in terms of the return you will get. The cheaper you buy an asset, generally the higher its return will likely be and vice versa, all other things being equal of course. If you’re still unsure of what all this means, don’t worry – we’ve got you. Logic Partners is here to help you and your financial goals, long-term. 

You may not know where to begin and are left asking yourself, where do I go first? A Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agent, Lawyer, Property Investment Advisor? There are certain people who are credible and qualified to give you the advice you need on your property investment journey. 

Many people want to know who the best person to contact for investment advice is, that’s why we’ve broken down below the roles of the following professions, and what you should seek their advice for: 

Mortgage BrokerA Mortgage Broker is qualified to give you expert debt advice based on your financial situation

AccountantAn Accountant is qualified to give you taxation advice 

Lawyer A Lawyer is qualified to give you legal guidance

Financial PlannerA Financial Planner is qualified to provide superannuation, personal protection and investment advice

Property CoachA Property Coach is qualified to provide property advice and is personally a successful real-estate investor.

While some, or all of the above professions may cross paths at some stage, it is in your best interest to seek property investment advice from a qualified expert. Seeking investment property advisor means that you will make no mistakes in your investment journey and won’t hold another person accountable for your decisions. 

At Logic Partners, we run an unbiased process. All our property coaches are seasoned investors themselves 10 years and have a Finance, Financial Planning, Commerce or Accounting, are all licenced estate agents and hold relevant qualifications in their respective fields.

Our Property Management Team in Melbourne has insert years of experience and in-depth knowledge of how the property markets work in Australia. They understand Australia’s property cycle and the needs of an investor today. They know that an investment property is all about increasing your wealth and securing your future. They are able to research, source, assess and negotiate the purchase of the right investment properties for your financial strategy.

Have peace of mind knowing you’re selecting the best property investment group in Melbourne. With a large portfolio of clients, Logic Partners has helped hundreds of individuals wanting to put their money and set themselves financially free, just like you.

As your reliable and trustworthy property investment solution, we are completely transparent with all our clients, which is why we are constantly recommended to friends and families of our clients. We have a fee for service that remains the same, regardless of where you invest your money and what type of property you purchase.   

We do not promise schemes that will make you rich overnight, nor do we preach that you will be. Property investing requires time, and when you make your first investment, and look back in a few years’ time, you will see that not only did you make the right decision, but your property would be worth more than what you payed for it. 

Whether you have an existing investment or are just beginning, there are a number of ways in which you can build your wealth and keep it. The first step to financial security is creating your wealth strategy with a reliable property coach. Stop putting off what you are dreaming of. Make that retirement plan within arm’s reach. Take advantage of the property market now and don’t miss out on great investing opportunities. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team today and make the right choice in your investment journey.

We are serious about your personal and financial goals. We know that you want to put your hard-earned money into something profitable, and we are passionate about making your dreams come true. 

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The information on this post/video is of a general nature. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration, so you should look at your own financial position, objectives and requirements and seek financial advice before making any financial decisions.